John "Johnny" Ambrose


John "Johnny" Ambrose M1 Kustoms


Since he was a kid, John has been completely fascinated with all things mechanical. He recalled attending his first drag race with his uncle at the impressionable age of 8. The primal beat of the race engines with their radical thumping cams and zoomie headers, the unforgettable smell of Nitro, the outrageous colors of the candy paint jobs, all were deeply ingrained in him that day. 

While others gravitated towards baseball, football and other team sports, John worked on motorized projects and continued to refine his mechanical skills. He built a minibike from a spare frame and a scrap pile of parts when he was 14 years old.  At age 16, he rebuilt a small block Chevy motor and performed his first car engine swap. Today, he still owns that same small block. Throughout his life, there has always been a project that John works on, despite having to earn a living at a real job.

Another of John’s passions is scuba diving and the undersea world. John was able to combine his mechanical skills with the ocean when he pursued a career as a professional diver. He has logged thousands of hours underwater as a Mixed Gas Commercial Diver, PADI Master Instructor and a Hyperbaric Technician; and is a highly experienced, factory trained, diving equipment technician.

 After escaping from the Bronx in 1988, with his NY accent in tow, John had the privilege of living and working in the four corners of this country, as well as calling St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands home. He also served aboard two cruise ships and while in Florida, met a woman named Jill (his worst dive student, ever!). During this period, John was saving up for a new Harley-Davidson, but after spending time with Jill, he decided to use the hard-earned cash to buy her an engagement ring instead. Twenty-two years later, they are still together, with the gearhead lifestyle intact.

All the years of building engines, motorcycles, hot rods and basically pissing off the neighbors, has finally culminated with the opening of M1 Kustoms. It has always been a dream of John’s to open a design and build shop in a professional and friendly environment. A shop where you are greeted on the phone - not answered with a gruff, “who’s this?!” A shop where beautiful custom bikes, showcasing old school workmanship, are built and are truly a pleasure to ride. A shop where you can embrace your inner punk ass!



 The M1 Fender Bunnies


M1 Fender Bunnies are M1 Kustoms Motorcycle Pin Up Girls.  They represent all that is M1; strong, edgy and modern with a nod to the past. More importantly they are beautiful and friendly. Hope you get to meet them soon.