Are you considering getting yourself a brand new second hand scoot? STOP! Don’t fork over your cash just yet. Let us give it a total comprehensive check first.

The 2019 riding season is here and many of you are considering purchasing a used bike. Before you fork over your cash, let us check it out first. We will perform a total comprehensive check on the bike and advise you on the condition and any services it may need - in writing! The price for this service is only $199.00 This can save you thousands in the long run. We’ve seen this first hand - bikes which were purchased second hand, and then required thousands in repairs to get them running safely and smoothly. What the buyers thought were bargains turned into expensive propositions, and they could have used our info as a bargaining chip. If the seller won’t allow you to have the bike checked out - walk away from the deal. Feel free to give us a call - we’d be happy to discuss this service with you.

Looking for parts?

We are your source for just about any part on the planet.  We are dealers for the really cool stuff too - not just the made in china crap sold by those midwest online dealers.  Most parts are delivered within 24 hours and there's no shipping/handling fees for any order over 100 bucks.  Below are just a few of the lines we carry.  Click on the links to go shopping:

Not finding what you're looking for? - just give us a call!



We offer discounts to members of the following groups. Please provide membership card, student ID or wear your colors to qualify.

  • Active Military

  • Veterans

  • Enrolled Students

* Only one discount per transaction. Discounts and promotions can not be combined