The Process

We have a five step process that is easy and transparent. 

Step 1 - Free Consultation

During this initial meeting we intend to get to know you, your needs, the primary use of    your motorcycle, and the look you want to achieve. We recommend for this meeting you bring pictures of what you like or don't like. At this time, we will also discuss your budget. For local clients we will meet with you in our shop. For others, we can arrange a voice or video call to discuss yourproject.

Step 2 - Design

We offer free design services with the purchase of your custom motorcycle. We work with you to design the bike of your dreams all within your budget. We believe the design process is a collaboration and partnership with our clients. We take what you can imagine and guide you through the process, providing experience and expertise so that your motorcycle is as beautiful as you desire and functions with the best performance for your needs. The initial design will be based on what was discussed during your initial consultation. Based on your input we will revise the design until it meets your approval. 

Step 3 - Parts and Materials Acquisition and Fabrication

Once you have approved the final design, we begin to order and/or fabricate all of the parts and materials needed to complete your project. Once all of the parts and materials are ready, we will contact you to schedule the start date of your project and will provide you with an estimated completion date. 

Step 4 - Build

This is where the magic happens. Your motorcycle becomes a reality. Because we wait until all parts and materials are available, we are not like other shops where your bike sits unattended for weeks. Once we start the build, your bike will be worked on every day until it meets our high level of quality expectations. You are welcome to stop by anytime during business hours to see your dream unfold. For those too busy to do so, or if you live outside the local area, we provide you with password protected closed circuit video access to view what is going on with your bike 24/7. During the build phase we may ask you to come in to be fit for your bike. This ensures a comfortable and safe ride. If you are not local we can ask you for measurements to make the same modifications. During the build we run complete diagnostics, and tune the bike to perform at the highest level of expectations. We will not deliver a motorcycle to any client until we believe it is right. 

Step 5. Delivery

Before the bike is yours we ask you to come in for a final inspection and will escort you on a final test ride. If everything meets your expectations, we ask you to sign a few papers, review warranty and service information and hand you the keys. We will deal with the DMV so you don't have to; we will handle all DMV registration, licensing, transfer of title paperwork, etc. 


Design Fee:

Free with the purchase of a motorcycle. We charge $1000 to initiate design. 100% of the the design fee is credited back to you when you purchase a motorcycle. 


50% of the full purchase of the bike, less the $1000 design fee is due upon signing the Purchase Order for the Bike. This secures a schedule and starts the parts and materials acquisition and fabrication process. 

Final Payment:

When the bike is finished. Final payment is required to take possession of the bike.