The Company

M1 Kustoms is an American motorcycle design studio and build shop, specializing in old school workmanship and service. The company creates award winning classic and vintage looks made with the finest materials and modern engineering. 


- You called a bike shop and they either didn't answer the phone or worse answered with, “yeah, who’s this?” 

- You brought your bike to a place and they told you it will take a week and it has already been 3 months, you still don’t know when you're going to get it.

-You felt like you are spending a lot of money for something and you are treated like #@*!!?


We have created a different kind of motorcycle company. Our company is founded on some basic principles:


Exceptional and friendly customer service 


Treat everyone with the highest respect


Impeccable workmanship


Make it easy to do business


Provide transparency to our customers


No surprises