Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long will it take to build my bike?

A. It depends on several factors. There are three stages of building a bike and each one    has different variables. The Design Stage depends on you, how fast you make decisions and how often we make changes. The Parts and Materials Acquisition and Fabrication Stage depends on availability of existing parts and how many we need to fabricate. Because everything is custom we do not keep parts and materials in inventory. We order and fabricate everything once you have finalized the design. Some parts are readily available and can be delivered in a few days, the amount and extent of fabrication takes longer.  Our experience though is that most people want a truly custom bike and therefore obtaining parts and materials available takes more than a week. The Build Stage can take as little as 3 weeks, but we do not rush it. You deserve and we insist on superior care and craftsmanship in building your bike. Therefore we take whatever time is needed to create a quality motorcycle. 

Each motorcycle and rider is unique therefore a very rough rule of thumb could be: 

   Design (2-4 weeks)

+ Parts/Materials Acquisition (1-4 weeks)

+ Build (3-4 weeks)

= Total 6-12 weeks


Q. Will you give me a delivery date for my bike?

A. We will give you an estimated delivery time frame for your bike after all the parts and materials are in stock. We will then schedule your bike for a build. We will give you a firm start date and an estimated completion time frame. 


Q. Do you work with clients outside the United States?

A. Yes we do, and offer translation services for non-English speaking clients. 


Q. Will you ship my motorcycle? 

A. It’s more fun to ride your motorcycle home, but if you prefer we have freight services that will ship most anywhere in the world.


Q- Why should I buy a fully customized bike?

A- With a custom motorcycle you will get what you want and you will get what you paid for it, which can be more affordable than buying a new bike from a dealer. If you buy a $25,000 motorcycle from a dealer and you want to have it customized, you may end up taking off parts that you bought with your bike and then you will have to purchase new parts for your modifications which could cost you up to $40,000 for a $25,000. Why not buy a bike built from the ground up to get exactly what you want and use everything that you purchase?


Q. Do your motorcycles come with warranties?

A. Yes there are warranties provided with your M1 Kustoms motorcycle. M1Kustoms offers a 2 yr workmanship warranty. In addition, the various components you select during the Design Phase are covered by their separate manufacturers warranty; such as engines, transmissions, tires, etc. Consumable parts are not covered under the warranty such as brake pads, brake rotors, clutch discs, etc.


Q. Do you provide other services?

A. Yes, please see our Services page. 


 Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. We offer active military, student, veterans and multiple bike discounts. Please inquire. 


Q.Can I have an M1 Kustoms bike serviced anywhere? 

A. We build these bikes so they can be serviced by any competent dealer or service shop. If its not convenient for you to bring your bike to M1 Kustoms for service and you do not already have a relationship with a shop, we recommend certified Harley Davidson and S&S dealers. We are familiar with their quality and believe you will be in good hands with these certified dealers. 


Q. Have a different question that we did not answer?

A. Please contact us