Road Trip Service and Inspection

It's good practice to have a once over on your bike before each trip. Long hauls require a bit more diligence just to ensure you don't overlook something that may put a damper on your trip and cost a you a lot more if you are hundreds of miles from your local shop. Towing alone to the nearest shop will take a big bite out of your wallet. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's T-CLOCS method is an efficient way to inspect your bike before traveling, (see below). M1 Kustoms can help you get your bike ready for your trip.  If you are not sure or are concerned about something, call us today at 650-257-3785.

T: Tires
Make sure both tires are properly inflated, using an air pressure monitor that you bring with you on rides. Don't risk riding on tires that might need replacement; if you  suspect a tire will not last long enough for a ride, it won't! Have it replaced.

C: Controls
Are your cables (clutch and brakes) and controls intact and working?

L: Lights and Electrics
Make sure your headlights (high & low beam), turn signals, and brake lights work.

O: Oils & Other Fluids
Check everything from engine oil and coolant to brake fluid. 

C: Chassis
Ensure that the frame, suspension, chain, belt, and fasteners are all secure and intact.

S: Stands
Make sure the center stand and/or side stand isn't cracked or bent, and that springs properly hold the assembly away from the pavement when stowed.